Covid-19 update and travel

Tanzania has done very well dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, and through the use of preventative measures, the spread of the virus has been limited. There is a decreasing number of cases within Tanzania, however the Government has issued travel advisories to limit the further importation of COVID-19 from other countries. 


Travel advisory no.4 has been implemented to accommodate additional measures related to International Travel.


These measures are as follows:


1. There is no longer a 14 day quarantine, however all travellers coming in or leaving will be subject to advanced screening.


2. All travellers whether foreign, or returning citizens will be required to present a VALID NEGATIVE COVID-19 certificate from an approved laboratory in your departing country, within 72 hours of travel. Travellers with symptoms upon arrival may be subject to testing.


3. All travellers should take measures to adhere to personal hygiene measures, such as using hand sanitiser and, wearing masks. 


4. All travellers are required to accurately fill out the Travellers Surveillance Form which will be  available onboard and on any other available travel means, and submit to the port health authorities on arrival.


In the case of a medical emergency in The United Republic of Tanzania, please call the national HEALTH EMERGENCY NUMBER 199.