Child Care

Volunteers will be placed at a wonderful centres, which are designed to be sanctuaries for young children of working families, or families which are unable to look after their children due to a range of social, economic or health reasons.


Early years are the most valuable years within a child's life. During these years, these children are sponges for knowledge, learning new skills, love and happiness! The aim of the Child Care programs are to provide a safe, educational alternative to permanently separating children from their families and giving them a start to great education. This is rare in developing countries.


As a volunteer, your job is to share knowledge, learn, show love and care for the children, as well as helping out with the daily routine. Our volunteers are also more than welcome to help out with planning and organizing the daily activities.

When volunteering with Ujamaa Volunteer experience, we of course do not charge you to volunteer, however we do provide very affordable accomodation, meals, orientation and 24/7 in-country support during your stay! A portion of every stay goes directly to our placements through our 'donation initiative'.


If you wish to take part in one of the most valuable experiences and volunteer, please contact us now!