On the medical program, the placements are at Hospitals located in Arusha City, as they are the first point of call for accidents and emergencies. The hospital is big, however they do not unfortunately have the same standards as a western hospital, meaning things can sometimes be confronting or challenging. Infectious diseases are a major burden on the African continent, many women do not receive any medical attention during pregnancy, and unfortunately many treatable illnesses or accidents are mishandled leading to worsening effects.


Their are a range of different wards in the hospital, therefore, where you where you will be placed, will depend on your desires, and experience. To volunteer on the medical program, you must be qualified in a relevant field, or are in the final years of schooling. 



When volunteering with Ujamaa Volunteer experience, we of course do not charge you to volunteer, however we do provide very affordable accomodation, meals, orientation and 24/7 in-country support during your stay! A portion of every stay goes directly to our placements through our 'donation initiative'.


If you wish to take part in one of the most valuable experiences and volunteer, please contact us now!