Use your teaching and educational skills to spark some of the brightest smiles, share knowledge with local educators, and learn lots about schooling in Tanzania!


In 2007, Tanzania achieved universal primary education, however since, the number of children enrolled in school has dropped with an estimated 2 million out of school. There are many local programs which offer education to children who are affected by poverty, however unfortunately the standard if often quite low due to a lack of resources, lack of space, socio-economic factors, teacher skill sets and so on. 


The most valuable thing as a volunteer teacher, is being able to learn and share knowledge with local educators, whilst spending each day singing and dancing with the students in the classroom!

When volunteering with Ujamaa Volunteer experience, we of course do not charge you to volunteer, however we do provide very affordable accomodation, meals, orientation and 24/7 in-country support during your stay! A portion of every stay goes directly to our placements through our 'donation initiative'.


If you wish to take part in one of the most valuable experiences and volunteer, please contact us now!